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Table 3 Childhood Lead Management Recommendations

From: More Guidelines than states: variations in U.S. lead screening and management guidance and impacts on shareable CDS development

Management Recommendations (# of entities recommending an action in descending frequency)Lead level thresholds to perform clinical actions (μg/dL)a
(# of entities recommending, cumulative by threshold)b
≥ 0≥ 3≥ 5≥ 10≥ 15≥ 20≥ 25≥ 45≥ 70
In person home inspection (33)6182633***
Lead avoidance education (32)17183132*****
Nutrition counseling (25)452225*****
Iron testing (24)11151824***
Hospitalization (24)1924
Abdominal X-Ray (16)335101016*
Refer to social work (14)3121214***
Test family members (12)18111112***
Refer to Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) or nutrition (10)57810***
In office exposure assessment (9)679****
Start iron or vitamin with iron (8)6778***
Refer to early intervention (8)2668***
File/Contact social services (8)255668*
Refer to a lead clinic (7)111337*
Phone exposure assessment (3)3******
Refer to medical specialty (2)111112*
Add ELL to problem list (1)1******
  1. aSome entities indicated a consider threshold and should threshold. When a single entity specified both, we tabulated based upon the should threshold
  2. bA * indicates that all entities with this recommendation have been accounted for at a lower threshold