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Table 3 Implementation Effectiveness Outcomes

From: Strengthening community-clinical linkages to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in rural NC: feasibility phase of the CHANGE study

Implementation VariablesMean (SD) or N (%)a
Recruitment yield (reach) (Enrolled/Interested) (%)131/346 (38)
Program Delivery
 Contact duration in minutes, mean (SD)
  Counseling visit76(24)
  Booster call15(14)
 Module selected as priority topic for first counseling visit, %
  Medication Adherence8 (8)
  Smoking Cessation4 (4)
  Nutrition (Healthy Eating)76 (72)
  Physical Activity16 (15)
  None selected1 (1)
 Mean modules completed / visit1.6
 Mean goals set / visit2.2
 Mean referrals /visit0.7
 Referral frequency by type
  Wellness center42 (18)
  Senior or Community center41 (17)
  Cooperative Extension programs16 (7)
  Medication assistance10 (4)
  Smoking cessation7 (3)
  Diabetes / other support groups14 (6)
  Farmers market / food resources38 (16)
  Parks / Walking or bike trail26 (11)
  Gym / Walking group7 (3)
  Other community resources37 (16)
 Referrals acted on / referrals given, mean0.5
 Referrals resulting in services received / referrals given, mean0.4
  1. aPercentages may not add to 100 because of rounding