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Table 5 Summary statistics showing the prevalence of different levels of food insecurity among households across continuous predictors and Univariate analysis

From: Prevalence and associated factors for rural households food insecurity in selected districts of east Gojjam zone, northern Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

Mean ± SDMean ± SDMean ± SDMean ± SD
Family size4.8142.1374.281.5554.5041.784.7751.9240.188*
Land size1.7060.8862.0151.0781.8611.1021.6680.8620.055**
Monthly income965.01774.08724.59560.85804.54791.74741.62409.990.145*
Monthly Expenditure1905.852260.51974.521226.481110.836806.88610.11701.930.225
  1. SD Standard deviation, HFS Highly food secure, MFS Moderately food secure, LFS Low food secure, SFI Severely food insecure;
  2. **Significant at 10% and *Significant at 20% level of significance