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Table 3 Typology two: women’s level of involvement in men’s dietary practices and physical activity changes

From: How men receive and utilise partner support when trying to change their diet and physical activity within a men’s weight management programme

Type of Woman Definition
Very Involved
N = 8 (dietary practices); N = 6 (physical activity); N = 3 (both)
• Provided extensive moral support and encouragement to help partner make changes.
• Practically facilitated every aspect of partner’s changes.
• Were codieting and/or coactive, and considered it their responsibility to help partner make changes.
Partially Involved
N = 9 (dietary practices); N = 10 (physical activity); N = 7 (both)
• Involved in some aspects of partner’s changes, including providing both practical and/or moral support.
• Did not consider it their responsibility to help partner make changes.
• Some highlighted reasons for partial involvement (e.g. practical challenges or deciding to encourage partner to make changes independently in the hope that this would result in greater success/sustainability of changes).
Not Involved
N = 3 (dietary practices); N = 4 (physical activity); N = 2 (both)
• Not involved in providing moral or practical support for any aspect of changes partner was making.