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Table 2 Typology one: men’s responses to women’s involvement in their dietary practices and physical activity changes

From: How men receive and utilise partner support when trying to change their diet and physical activity within a men’s weight management programme

Type of Man Definition
N = 9 (dietary practices); N = 6 (physical activity); N = 3 (both)
• Made changes to practices without any support from partner.
• Not dependent on partner but utilised her help to make dietary changes.
• Preferred not to be coactive or have her practical involvement in physical activity changes.
N = 7 (dietary practices); N = 0 (physical activity)
• Dependent on partner for making changes.
• Partner involvement was presented as key to these men making changes to diet.
N = 0 (dietary practices); N = 10 (physical activity)
• Receptive to partner involvement in their attempts to make changes, but not reliant on her support in order to do so.
N = 4 (both)
• Did not make changes, either independently or by utilising practical or moral support provided by partners.
• Had intended to make changes on joining FFIT, but either did not do so or discontinued changes before the programme finished.