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Table 4 Sex-specific prevalence (%) of individual metabolic abnormalities based on CDS definition

From: Prevalence and associated factors of metabolic syndrome in adults: a population-based epidemiological survey in Jiangxi province, China

Metabolic abnormalityPrevalence
Men (N = 258)Women (N = 164)Total (N = 390)
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI
High serum TG level39.433.0–45.855.547.8––51.1
High HDL cholesterol7.13.7–––9.2
High blood pressure23.017.5–28.524.417.7–31.023.619.4–27.8
High serum glucose level42.035.6–48.567.159.8–74.352.647.6–57.5