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Table 5 Paired samples t-test comparing biomedical parameters before and after the physical activity intervention

From: Development and evaluation of a physical activity intervention informed by participatory research- a feasibility study

Comparison of Health testMean differencetp-valueNumber of measurements
Systolic pressure t2 - Systolic pressure t1 (mmHg)4.600.990.3415
Diastolic pressure t2 - Diastolic pressure t1 (mmHg)3.871.190.2515
Heart rate at rest t2 - Heart rate at rest t1 (bpm)
Blood oxygen saturation t2 - Blood oxygen saturation t1 (%)−0.08−0.320.7513
Glycosylated hemoglobin t2 - Glycosylated hemoglobin t1 (%)0.250.840.4213
  1. t1-pre-test; t2- post-test; Due to some technical difficulties data for two volunteers were missing, when it comes to blood oxygen saturation t2 and glycosylated hemoglobin t2