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Table 1 Participants’ Socio-Demographic Characteristics

From: Exploring health and well-being in Taiwan: what we can learn from individuals’ narratives

 Total sample (N = 24)
Age in years (mean and range)50.9 (31–66)
Gender (% female)54%
Marital status (% married)83%
Have children (% yes)79%
 • Average number of children1.2 (range 1–4)
 • High school or less66.7%
 • College20.8%
 • Master or above12.5%
Living with family92%
Employment status
 • Employed75%
 • Self-employed21%
 • Retired4%
Religious affiliation 
 • Chinese system of beliefs54%
 • Buddhism17%
 • Multiple affiliations a21%
 • Non-religious8%
Well-being ladder mean rating (range)5.8 (1–8) b
Health ladder mean rating (range)5.2 (1–8) b
Participants with same ladder ratings for well-being and health (%)8 (33%)
  1. aMultiple religious affiliations endorsed by participants include combinations of Chinese belief system, Buddhism, and Christian
  2. b1 = lowest level to 8 = highest or best level for well-being and health, respectively