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Table 1 Background characteristics of the participants

From: “We struggle with the earth everyday”: parents’ perspectives on the capabilities for healthy child growth in haor region of Bangladesh

 Age range23–30 years16–35 yearsAge range21–45 years
 Hindus 7Hindus1 
OccupationDry seasonWet seasonDry seasonWet season
 Household work332Rice Cultivation2 18 
 Others1 (Stitching)1 (grocery)Small Business (selling vegetables, betel leaves and nuts, and cosmetics; fishing/fish selling)2459
Day labourer (masonry, pulling rickshaws, rowing boats)   8
jobless   6
 No education 1No education15
 Only Signature315Only Signature18
 Below Primary13Below Primary15
 Primary education 9Primary education12
 Below SSC (secondary school certificate) 3Below SSC (secondary school certificate) 3
 SSC 2