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Table 2 General characteristics of populations and study locations discussed in 118 articles on screening, diagnostics, and treatment of hepatitis C in Canada

From: Social values for health technology assessment in Canada: a scoping review of hepatitis C screening, diagnosis and treatment

Population CharacteristicNumber of ArticlesaPercentage of Articles
Type of PopulationVulnerable PopulationsPersons who use injection drugs (PWID)3529.6
At-risk youth86.7
Prison populations75.9
Indigenous people75.9
Non-vulnerable populationsBaby boomersb119.3
Blood transfusion recipientsc119.3
General patient population3933.1
Study LocationGeneral LocationInner City1210.2
Specific Study LocationClinic1815.3
Community health centre54.2
Not specified6151.7
  1. a Articles could discuss more than one type of population or location
  2. b those born between 1945 and 1965
  3. c prior to 1992