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Table 1 Descriptions of the instruments used in the longitudinal study

From: Health-promoting factors in higher education for a sustainable working life – protocol for a multicenter longitudinal study

Sense of coherence scale (SOC-13)13[2]Health promoting resourcesComprehensibility, manageability, meaningfulness
Occupational Balance Questionnaire (OBQ)11[53]Occupational balanceOccupational areas, occupations with different characteristics, time use
Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire-Short Form (TEIQue-SF)30[35, 36]Emotional intelligenceEmotional coping ability
Salutogenic Health Indicator Scale (SHIS)12[5]Health and welfareIntrapersonal characteristics (IPC) and interactive function (IAF)
The General Nordic Questionnaire (QPS Nordic)5[8]Social interactionsPsychological and social aspects
Work Experience Measurement Scale (WEMS)32[34]Experience/perception of work and workplaceSupportive working conditions, individual inner experiences, self-determination, perception of time, leadership and change initiatives