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Table 1 Data collection, respondents and tools

From: Strengthening routine immunization in Papua New Guinea: a cross-sectional provincial assessment of front-line services

Study subjectsNumberDetailsTools
Primary health care staff6Health Extension Officer or Specialised Nursing OfficerSemi-structured interviews (mix of quantitative and qualitative fields)
6Nursing officers
6Community Health Worker (CHW)
Family members67Caregivers of infants being vaccinated, 66 female 1 maleFocus group discussion (10 groups)
Health clinics and their operations9Child or family health clinic, staticAudit of infrastructure and equipment against PNG standards as described in national EPI plan [11].
Observation of general clinic procedures (12 sites)
Observation using WHO Immunization Session Checklist (11 sessions)
Observation of patient flow and staff-patient interactions (15 patients)
3Mobile child health clinics (run by staff from the above sites)