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Table 1 Items of the self-efficacy questionnaire

From: Implementation of Basic Life Support training in schools: a randomised controlled trial evaluating self-regulated learning as alternative training concept

Domain: helping in general
1. I can help other people if I try hard.
2. When I want to help other people, I am certain that I can accomplish my goals.
Domain: helping in cardiac arrest
3. In a cardiac arrest situation I am confident that I could deal efficiently.
4. I can handle the situation if cardiac arrest comes my way.
Domain: diminished emotional arousal to cardiac arrest
5. Thanks to my resourcefulness, I can handle unforeseen situations in a resuscitation-situation.
6. I can remain calm when facing a cardiac arrest situation because I can rely on my coping abilities.
Response format: 1 = Not at all true 2 = Hardly true 3 = Moderately true 4 = Exactly true