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Table 3 Students’ responses to groups of people who should receive vaccination against HBV

From: Factors affecting HBV vaccination in a Medical training College in Kenya: A mixed methods Study

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation, who should be vaccinated against hepatitis B virus?N%
Newborn babies (n = 374)19953.1
Children and adolescents who were not vaccinated in infancy(n = 482)22546.2
Individuals with multiple sexual partners (n = 482)11122.8
Individuals seeking treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections or Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection (n = 482)10121.0
Injecting drug users (n = 481)14329.7
Individuals whose jobs involve contact with blood (n = 482)35273.0
Patients undergoing dialysis (n = 482)12325.5
Individuals with chronic liver disease (n = 479)14630.5