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Table 4 Practicality of CARm training and program for labour experts (n = 8) on practice and theory days per training day

From: Development and evaluation of a strength-based method to promote employment of work-disability benefit recipients with multiple problems: a feasibility study

PropositionsPractice dayTheory day
 Agree (n)Agree (n)Agree (n)Agree (n)Agree (n)Agree (n)Agree (n)
The practical assignment is clearly formulated67a6a7
The practical assignment can be properly executed87a7a8
The practical assignment is a proper preparation for the study meeting87a7a6a
The practice assignment properly integrates theory and practice87a6a7a
The training goals are clearly formulated877a
The study material fits well with the training goals886a
The study material fits well with the daily LE practice786a
The provided literature fits well with the study meeting886a
  1. * 1 missing value