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Table 3 Demand and implementation of CARm for labour experts (n = 8) immediately after training and three months later

From: Development and evaluation of a strength-based method to promote employment of work-disability benefit recipients with multiple problems: a feasibility study

Propositions on demandAgree
Disagree (n)
Immediately after the training
 The training fits well with daily practice a61
 During the training sufficient opportunity is offered for own input80
 The training offers sufficient opportunity to learn practical skills71
 As a result of the training I developed (or intent to develop) a different working method62
 I will recommend the training to my colleagues a52
Three months after the training
 I expect to use the CARm method more frequently in future53
Propositions on implementation
Immediately after the training
 I have the feeling that I control new skills71
Three months after the training
 I use the CARm method in daily practice whenever possible71
 I find it difficult to make time to apply the CARm method in my daily work44
  1. a 1 missing