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Table 2 Composite Heart Attack and Stroke Symptomology Knowledge Score By Covariates for Native American Adults Complex Samples Analysis. Amalgamated 2005, 2007 and 2009 BRFSS Data

From: Knowledge of heart attack and stroke symptoms among US Native American Adults: a cross-sectional population-based study analyzing a multi-year BRFSS database

Covariates and FactorsThree Level Composite Score
% Low Composite Score% Mid-Range Composite Score% High Composite Score
 18–44 Years8.144.247.8
 45–64 Years6.935.757.5
 > = 65 Years16.840.542.7
Education Attained*
 Did Not Graduate From HS16.148.235.7
 HS Graduate7.942.749.3
 University Graduate4.329.366.4
Household Income*
 > = $50,0003.730.465.9
Geographic Locale
Health Status
 Good To Excellent Health8.041.750.3
 Fair To Poor Health10.838.251.0
Health Insurance Status*
 Have Health Insurance8.139.252.8
 Do Not Have Health Insurance10.546.443.1
Have Health Care Provider*
 Have HCP8.338.353.3
 Do Not Have HCP9.849.241.0
Medical Care Deferred
 Deferred Because Of Cost7.838.353.9
 Care Not Deferred8.841.749.5
Routine Medical Check Up*
 Within Last 12 Months7.739.053.3
 Longer Than 12 Months Ago10.444.445.2
  1. *Significantly different by chi-square test of independence at the .05 level