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Table 1 Description of Native American Population. Amalgamated 2005, 2007, 2009 BRFSS Database (weighted n = 7,336,666)

From: Knowledge of heart attack and stroke symptoms among US Native American Adults: a cross-sectional population-based study analyzing a multi-year BRFSS database

Variables and FactorsPercent
 18–44 Years Of Age53.2
 45–64 Years Of Age33.8
 > = 65 Years Of Age13.0
Annual Median Household Income
 > = $50,00031.4
Education Attained
 Did Not Graduate From HS17.7
 HS Graduate61.4
 University Graduate20.9
Geographic Locale
Health Status
 Good To Excellent Health75.8
 Fair To Poor Health24.2
Health Insurance Status
 Have Health Insurance76.2
 Do Not Have Health Insurance23.8
Have Health Care Provider
 Have HCP74.2
 Do Not Have HCP25.8
Medical Care Deferred
 Medical Care Deferred Because Of Cost21.6
 Medical Care Not Deferred78.4
Routine Medical Check Up
 Within Last 12 Months64.9
 Longer Than 12 Months Ago35.1
Three Level Composite Knowledge Score
 Low Composite Score8.7
 Mid-Range Composite Score40.9
 High Composite Score50.4
Two Level Composite Knowledge Score
 High Score50.4
 Low Score49.6