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Table 2 Themes, subthemes, codes

From: The main physical components of body image from the perspectives of Iranian adolescents: a qualitative study

Themes Subthemes Codes
Perceived face/hair Facial features - Size and shape of nose
- Size, shape and color of eyes
- Characteristics of mouth
- Smoothness and color of skin
Facial shape/form - Jawline shape
- Cheekbones shape
- Natural face
Hair - Scalp Hair
- Eyelash, eyebrow and beard
Perceived body Body size - Body weight
- Body height
Body shape - Body waist and abdomen
- Body muscles
- Feminine curves
Bone structure - Neck length
- Clavicle form
- Knee angle
- Shoulder width
- Posture
Perceived physical functioning Physical ability - Physical readiness
- Routine activities
Physical health - Lack of disability and illness
- Abnormal symptoms
Voice tone None