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Table 2 Participants’ perception of the communication strategies used in hospital response to COVID-19 ((N = 1154)a

From: Perception survey of crisis and emergency risk communication in an acute hospital in the management of COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore

CERC Survey Statements

Respondents who ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ to the statements


Q1. The regular updates from SGH on the COVID-19 situation are understandable and actionable

1086 (94.1)

Q2. SGH adequately prepares me for the challenges I am likely to face.

1047 (90.8)

Q3. The crisis communication plans are clear so far.

1032 (89.5)

Q4. SGH Senior Management possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise on the situation and has been consistent in the delivery of their message.

1049 (90.9)

Q5. The information released by SGH senior management has been accurate, concise, and timely, and are repeated enough to keep staff safe.

1067 (92.5)

Q6. My direct supervisor has consistently provided me with accurate, concise, and timely information for me to navigate in this disease outbreak.

975 (84.5)

Q7. I am sufficiently engaged in the preparedness planning.

952 (82.5)

Q8. SGH has been able to understand my challenges and address my concerns during this outbreak.

917 (79.4)

Q9. SGH has been able to provide explanations of the risks associated with the COVID-19 situation in a simple, concise, and direct manner.

1044 (90.5)

Q10. SGH has been clear in explaining the necessary actions I need to take to stay safe.

1069 (92.7)

Q11. I am clear about what SGH is doing in response to the COVID-19 situation.

1065 (92.3)

Q12. The constant updates from SGH Senior Management increase my trust in the credibility of the organisation.

1044 (90.5)

Q13. Platforms, such as emails and social media (Facebook @ Workplace group-Pneumonia(China)-Chat with CEO&CMB) provide useful avenues for sharing of information and feedback.

970 (84.0)

  1. aBecause of missing data, denominators do not all equal 1154