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Table 1 Disability and Caregiver Allowance

From: “Like filling a lottery ticket with quite high stakes”: a qualitative study exploring mothers’ needs and perceptions of state-provided financial support for a child with a long-term illness in Finland

Granted by Kela Finnish social security agency, national scheme [18] Municipality [19]
Who can receive When a child’s illness or rehabilitation needs last at least 6 months [18] When a person needs caregiving at home due to a long lasting illness and a close relative or other is willing to give this care [19]
Compensation level Basic support 92,13 €/month
Raised support 215 €/month
Highest support 416,91 €/month [18]
The monetary amount received differs within municipalities, the minimum amount nationally in 2019 is 399,91 € per month [26]. The sums change yearly and e.g. in 2012 the maximum amount varied between 728 and 1704 € [27]
Recipients in Finland 34,900 children received this allowance in 2017 [18] out of 948,404 children (under 16 years old) [28]
Therefore 3,7% of all Finnish children received this allowance
40% of these receive basic support,
55% raised support and
5% highest support [18]
6700 parents of under 18 year olds received this allowance in 2014 [20]
In 2014 there were 1,075,492 under 18 year olds in Finland [28], translating into 0,6% of all children receiving this allowance
91% of the people receiving this are women [20]