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Table 4 Societal costs of problem gambling compared to other measures

From: The societal costs of problem gambling in Sweden

Benchmark Benchmark value in 2018 Value
Number of people with gambling problems 337,000 €4212
Number of inhabitants 10,175,00 €139
Gross domestic product €471,196 million 0.30%
Gambling market’s net revenue €2284 million 62%
Tax revenue from gambling €638 million 223%
Direct and indirect costs of alcohol consumption €5877 milliona 17%
Direct and indirect costs of smoking €3073 milliona 33%
  1. Notes: a The benchmark value for alcohol consumption is from 2017 and for smoking from 2015, and these costs are only compared with the direct and indirect costs of problem gambling. Data on people with gambling problem come from the Swelogs survey and data on inhabitants and GDP from Statistics Sweden. Data on the gambling market come from the Swedish Gambling Authority and data on tax revenue from the Swedish National Financial Management Authority