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Table 3 Estimated societal costs of problem gambling in Sweden in 2018 (million €). Sums do not sum up due to rounding

From: The societal costs of problem gambling in Sweden

Type of cost Estimated costs (million €)
A. Direct costs
 A.1. Treatment and care  
  Treatment of gambling problems 3.82
  Treatment of consequences of gambling problems 71.90
 A.2. Debt counseling and management  
  Debt counseling 1.61
  Debt management 6.10
 A.3. Crime and legal costs  
  Police 8.57
  Courts 1.06
  Prisons 2.13
 A.4. Prevention, research, and regulation  
  Prevention 1.27
  Research 1.24
  Regulation 0.42
 A.5. Other direct costs  
  Divorce 0.24
  Recruitment 85.56
  Homelessness n.e.
B. Indirect costs  
 B.1. Reduced workplace productivity 70.64
 B.2. Absence from work 0.62
 B.3. Unemployment 641.70
  B.4. Premature death 119.14
C. Intangible costs  
 C.1. Physical violence  
  Gambler 23.58
  Household members 38.58
 C.2. Emotional distress  
  Gambler 116.33
  Household members 196.95
 C.3. Harm to crime victims 27.95
Sum of costs 1419.42
  1. N. e. = not estimated