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Table 4 Model estimates of effects of meteorological variables on CCHF incidence

From: The effect of climate variables on the incidence of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in Zahedan, Iran

Smooth terms edf F
S (month) 3.23 1.66***
s (Lag (average temperature, −5)) 5.3 6.46***
s (minimum of relative humidity) 2.97 6.72***
s (rainfall) 4.56 1.8***
  Estimate Std. Error
Intercept −0.20 0.19
R-sq. (adj) 54%
  1. *** Significant at the 0.001 level
  2. edf effective degrees of freedom of the smooth function term. Edf > 1 indicates nonlinear association
  3. F value is an estimate of F-test