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Table 5 Clinical Descriptions of Four seropositive for T.pallidum patients who had neurologic abnormalities and underwent lumbar puncture

From: Prevalence of syphilis, neurosyphilis and associated factors in a cross-sectional analysis of HIV infected patients attending Bugando Medical Centre, Mwanza, Tanzania

Patient number 1 2 3 4
Gender Male Female Female Female
Age in (years) 50 65 57 30
ART use Not on ART yes yes yes
Duration of ART 4 months 2 years 7 year
Neurologic features Headache
-Disturbed memory Confusion
Hearing loss left
Disturbed memory and cognition
Hearing loss right ear which is sensorineural No ear discharge Normal other system
CD4+/uL 412 219 270
Viral load (copies/Ul) Not tested Not tested 19 19
CSF finding -Positive VDRL
-WBC < 5/uL
Glucose low(2.99 mmol)
-Normal protein
-Cryptococcal antigen negative(CRAG)
-Clear fluid with negative gram stain and culture
-Opening pressure extremely high
Negative VDRL
-WBC < 5/Ul
-Normal glucose
-Normal protein
-Negative CRAG
-Negative culture
Negative VDRL
WBC < 5 cell/Ul
Normal glucose
Normal protein
Negative culture
Negative CRAG
-Negative VDRL
WBC < 5cell/uL
Normal glucose
Normal protein
Negative culture
Diagnosis Neurosyphilis with meningoencephalitis Presumed HIV Encephalopathy Presumed HIV Encephalopathy Hypoacusis due to other causes
Outcome. Admitted to the ward and started on Ceftriaxone 2 g IV BD. Died after three days in the course of treatment in the ward. Alive, cognition deficit improving on ART. Discharged home alive but later died at home. Alive and hearing deficit has improved