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Table 1 Coding guidelines and definitions

From: Trauma-informed and relational approaches to service provision: building community-based project capacity to respond to interpersonal violence through a national initiative

Trauma-Informed Measures
 Guidelines Coding based on which measure change has occurred in (see definitions)
 Definitions Awareness Change in cognition; knowledge gained in any construct (i.e., recognizing trauma)
Competency Change in behaviour, application of knowledge (i.e., skill-building, modeling)
Collaboration Change in relationships with others, two relationships interacting (i.e., community engagement)
Safety Change in environment to become welcoming, consistent, reliable
Relationship Levels
 Guidelines Coding based on who the impact, change, challenge, experience is on (see definitions)
Do not code if change is not occurring (i.e., conversation is about someone, but not referring to change of any sort)
Thoughts, ideas, plans for change should be coded under “Plans Moving Forward”
 Definitions Facilitator Individuals involved in the Building Connections initiative and who have delivered the curriculum
Organization Community-based project of which the facilitator is part
Community Community services and organizations outside of the project participating in Building Connections