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Table 1 Participant summary

From: Stigma and HIV service access among transfeminine and gender diverse women in South Africa – a narrative analysis of longitudinal qualitative data from the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial

Name (Pseudo-nym) Age Racial or ethnic group Language Self-identity Health status Employment Shelter & Housing type Shared household income Household members (incl. Internal and external family, friends or strangers)
Curella 28 Coloured Afrikaans “femgay” HIV negative & no other physical health concern. Informal work in admin and retail Shares the lounge with her step-sister in a shared one-bedroom brick house. R6000 (US$400) per month Lives with her mother, step-father and step-sister.
Her extended family and grandfather (consented) live across the street.
Georgina 27 Coloured Afrikaans “moffie” or “gay” HIV negative & no other physical health concern. Neighbour-hood watch Has her own room in a shared two bedroom brick house. R9000 (US$600) per month Lives with her mother (consented), father and other extended family members.
Stacey 28 Coloured Afrikaans “femgay” Living with HIV, started and stopped ART more than once. Informal hairstylist Moves in between formal and informal houses of extended family, usually sharing a room or staying in an informal extended room. R3400 (US$227) per month Internal family (mother and brother) moved away, therefore she moves between houses of extended family members (niece or aunt) or friends.
Sizwe 21 Black Xhosa “MSM” HIV negative & no other physical health concerns Informal work in retail Has her own room in a shared three bedroom brick house. R2500 (US$167) per month Lives with her mother (consented), sister and brother.
Steven 28 Coloured Afrikaans “gay” or “femgay” Living with HIV.
Starts and stops ART regularly.
Previous TB diagnosis.
Went for drug rehabilitation.
Formal retail job Has her room in a shared informal wooden house in aunt’s backyard. R7350 (US$490) per month Lives with her sister, mother (consented) and father (consented). Her aunt (consented) lives in the main house.
Owen 25 Coloured Afrikaans “transgender woman” Both her and her sister are living with HIV and both are on consistent ART. Unemployed, rents out house Own bedroom in a shared three bedroom brick house. R1500 (US$100) per month Lives with her sister in a house where a lot of friends of them come to have casual sex during the day. Sometimes they rent the house out and stay with friends.
Patricia 32 Coloured Afrikaans “gay” HIV negative & casual drug user. Sex work Moves between informal houses. Shared an informal garage space previously.
Has been homeless in the past.
R3000 (US$200) per month Stays currently on an open piece of land in a self-erected informal house of her own, with her friend (consented) and friend’s husband (consented) as neighbours.
Girlie 27 Coloured Afrikaans unable/ unwilling to categorise Living with HIV.
Casual drug user which is why clinic staff doesn’t want her to start ART.
Sex work & street hawking Shares a room with her brother in a shared two bedroom brick house. Sometimes sleeps outside the house when boyfriend visits. Information not available Stays with brother (consented) and mother. Her step-sister (consented, but stopped participation) and extended family are next door neighbours.