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Table 1 Study participant profile

From: A qualitative exploration of the factors associated with initiation to methamphetamine use in Iran

Participant ID Crystal addiction period (years) Other drug use history Education Ethnicity Place of residence
1 13 Cigarette,Opium,Hashish,Tamjizac University degree Persia Gorgan
2 14 Methadone,Opium, Heroin,Crack, Cigarette Primary school Persia Aq Qala
3 8 Methadone,Opium, Crack, Cigarette High school dropout Turkmen Aq Qala
4 10 Opium, Heroin, Crack, High school dropout Turkmen Aq Qala
5 3 Opium, Cigarette Primary school Persia Bandar Gaz
6 4 Opium, Cigarette Secondary school Persia Bandar Gaz
7 10 Opium, Cigarette, Crack Primary school Turkmen Aq Qala
8 10 Opium, Cigarette, Crack Primary school Persia Ali Abad
9 12 Opium, Cigarette, Crack Secondary school Turkmen Aq Qala
10 7 Opium, Cigarette, methadone Secondary school Turkmen Ghonbad
11 4 Opium, Crack Primary school Turkmen Ghonbad
12 6 Opium, Cigarette Primary school Turkmen Ali Abad
13 8 Opium, Cigarette High school diploma Persia Azadshaher
14 8 Alcohol,Methadone,Opium, Heroin Secondary school Turkmen Ghonbad
15 8 Cigarette, Methadone Primary school Persia Ghonbad
16 8 Opium Secondary school Balouch Azadshaher
17 4 Opium, Cigarette Primary school Balouch Azadshaher
18 1 Opium, Cigarette, Heroin Primary school Persia Azadshaher
19 3 Opium, Cigarette, Heroin High school dropout Persia Azadshaher