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Table 3 Participant, mentor, and manager responses to qualitative acceptability questions on intervention likes, dislikes, and recommendations in the EMERGE randomized feasibility trial

From: Acceptability of a feasibility randomized clinical trial of a microenterprise intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors and increase employment and HIV preventive practices (EMERGE) in young adults: a mixed methods assessment

Topic Codes Rank List of Findings # stating
Participants (N = 36)
 Likes Educational Sessionsa *** Getting a chance to talk about your business idea 8
* Receiving business information via handouts and presentations 2
** Talking to others with real microbusiness experience 4
*** Friendly facilitators who created fun and hands-on environment 5
** Having opportunity to start a business / be an entrepreneur 4
Grants & Incentivesa *** Valued having cash to help launch new business 7
*** Obtaining additional money towards expenses from survey response 6
** Receiving a meal during sessions 4
Informational Text Messages *** Felt encouraged and inspired by weekly messages 14
* Repeated text messages on HIV reminded to get tested regularly 2
* Receiving weekly employment updates 2
Text Message Surveysb *** Asked important questions about sexual health and employment 7
** Text questions were inquisitive and straightforward 3
* Convenient timing of text surveys 1
Miscb * Enjoyed talking to new people during interviews 2
* Rapid response of facilitators to questions or problems 1
 Dislikes Educational Sessionsa * Interruptions by non-participants or unengaged participants 2
* Session times were difficult to match to personal schedule 1
* Business training too infrequent and too short to launch business 2
* Too few guest speakers and facilitators 1
Grants & Incentivesa ** Business grants paid in installments were too small for large purchases 3
* Difficulty determining what to spend on microbusiness (how to start) 2
** Payments sometimes late and cumbersome to get 3
Text Message Surveysb *** Text surveys sometimes crashed or froze on cell phone 5
* Weekly text survey questions reminded of past difficulties 1
Miscc ** Disappointed to be assigned to less valuable comparison group 4
* Uncomfortable with teasing and complaints towards experimental participants 2
 Recommendations Educational Sessionsa * Assign participants who complete EMERGE to be peer mentors 1
* Exclude less active participants and re-disperse their unused grants 2
*** Offer more frequent sessions outside of work hours 5
** Include more mentors, facilitators, and participants during sessions 4
Grants & Incentivesa ** Provide higher pay for responding to text survey 3
* Use a cash app or direct deposit to ease payment process 1
Text Messages & Surveyb * Provide more job announcements than one per week 1
* Ask different questions on different topics in text message survey 2
Mentors and Managers (n = 7)
 Likes Recruitment * Perceived helpful interventions appealed to many young adults 2
Implementation ** Enjoyed being able to help participants pursue business goals 4
* Felt valued and well received by mentees/participants 1
** Saw that participants had incentives, something to look forward to 3
 Dislikes Recruitment ** Some participants were mentally under-prepared at time of enrollment for business leadership, employment, or financial responsibilities 3
Implementation * Unable to provide enough support to mentees given level of needs 2
 Recommendations Recruitment ** Prior to enrollment, identify individuals with highest potential 3
*** Facilitate more collaboration between mentors-mentees at enrollment 5
Implementation * Provide updates to mentors about mentees when contact decreases 1
* Help apply to texted jobs or help to interview as a professional 1
* Support participants to purchase supplies via administrator or gift card 2
  1. [a] Applicable to experimental participants only; [b] Applicable to all randomized participants; [c] Applicable to comparison participants only