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Table 1 Sequential flow of the implementation activities

From: Evaluation of a community-based intervention for health and economic empowerment of marginalized women in India

Phases of Implementation Implementation activities
Pre-intervention 1. Rapid assessment survey at the baseline
2. Mobilization of marginalized women from the communities and formation of groups by outreach workers
3. Identification of peer educators from within the groups and training of peer educators by outreach workers
Intervention 1. Education sessions on maternal and childcare and financial literacy by peer educators
2. Community-based events and meetings to engage community leaders, husbands, and mothers-in-law of young married women
3. Active participation in the village health sanitation and nutrition committees’ meetings
4. Capacity building of community health workers and midwives on segmentation and inclusive approach for delivering services related to sexual and reproductive health
5. Linking marginalized women with MGNREGA schemes, and running a campaign of ‘kaam mango abhiyan’ (Work demand campaign).
Post-intervention End line assessment
  1. Abbreviations: MGNREGA Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act