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Table 5 Full search strategy - ProQuest (Central, Coronavirus Research Database, Social Science Premium Collection, Science Database)

From: A rapid review of mental and physical health effects of working at home: how do we optimise health?

Search ID# Search Terms Search Notes Results
S1 noft(“home work*” OR “remote work*” OR telecommut* OR telework* OR “work* from home”) NOT noft(telemetry OR teleoperation OR telemental OR “domestic worker*” OR “homecare worker” OR “medical resident*” OR “residential care” OR “aged care” OR “residential facility” OR “elder care” OR “home care” OR nurs*)   92,419
S2 MAINSUBJECT.EXACT(“Musculoskeletal diseases”) OR MAINSUBJECT.EXACT(“Mental health”) OR noft(“musculoskeletal risk*” OR “musculoskeletal disease” OR “neck pain” OR “neck injury” OR “back pain” OR “back injury” OR “shoulder pain” OR “shoulder injury” OR “wrist pain” OR “wrist injury” OR “arm pain” OR “arm injury” OR “carpal tunnel syndrome” OR “work related injur*” OR “work related musculoskeletal disorder*” OR WMSD* OR MSD* OR “occupational overuse” OR “neck tension” OR “muscular function*” OR “muscle pain” OR “limb disorder*” OR “psychological issue*” OR depression OR anxiety OR stress OR mental health OR “well being” OR happiness OR comfort OR security OR safety OR “good physical condition” OR fitness OR healthiness OR “physical fitness”)   34,075,172
S3 1 AND 2   10,508
S4 Filter - English   10,469
S5 2007–2020   6011
S6 Peer reviewed   327