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Table 1 Description of the intervention

From: The impact of the livelihoods and income fortification and socio-civic transformation project on the quality of life, wellbeing, self-esteem, and quality of neighbourhood social environment among the youth in slum areas of in Kampala, Uganda

Intervention domain Activities carried out Target populations Number of sessions/outputs Frequency of delivery Agency responsible
Job markets and employment Vocational skills training Out-of-school 16–25 year olds 496 youths trained 4 months training with internship World Vision Uganda, Lugogo Vocational Training Institute, KCCA
Saving group formation and training All young people aged 13–25 years 1873 members, USD71,429 in cumulative savings
75 groups registered as Community-Based Organisations
3 groups have accessed KCCA Community Development Driven grant
Weekly saving group meetings World Vision Uganda
Information sessions between Business Savings and Loan Associations (BSLA) groups and financial service providers and facilitating opening of bank accounts, BSLA members, financial institutions 75 BSLAs opened up group accounts in banks. 1000 members attended bank exhibitions and accessed financial literacy education Once a year in each division World Vision Uganda, KCCA, Development Finance Company of Uganda (DFCU) bank, Centenary and Post Banks.
Saving group meetings and Community Based Trainers (CBT) training and mentorship 13–25 year olds    World Vision Uganda
Business and entrepreneurship skills training BSLA members, CBTs and vocational skills graduates 2379 members trained Once every year World Vision Uganda
Mentorship groups BSLA members 1873 members attached to a community business mentor Once every month World Vision Uganda
Sexual and reproductive health needs and rights Peer-to-peer SRHR sessions in community and youth centres. 13–25 year olds in both divisions A total of 30 peer-to-peer sessions were conducted in the community; 641 young people (205 male, 436 female) reached with SRH/HIV information One session per peer education every month Uganda Youth Development Link, Religious Institutions, KCCA
Community outreaches and referrals 13–25 year olds in both divisions 4796 youths accessed youth-friendly SRHR services Outreaches conducted 2 times every week Uganda Youth Development Link, KCCA
Tracking complete referrals from community outreaches to health centres 13–25 year olds A total of 325 cases of young people (57 male, 268 female) referred during this period. 271young people (41 male, 230 female) tracked as complete referrals to various health centres. Every month Uganda Youth Development Link, China Friendship Hospital, Kisugu Health Centre, Kiswa/Naguru Health Centre, KCCA, Kisenyi Health Centre
Learning visits by youths to SRH sites Young people rehabilitated at the youth centres Eight exposure learning visits conducted. 183 young people (69 male, 114 female) participated in the visits at friendly SRH sites/ facilities Once every quarter for four years Uganda Youth Development Link, KCCA health centres
Meetings with religious leaders to combat sex work among youths Religious leaders from different religious affiliations 57 religious leaders (representing 45 religious institutions) were equipped with SRH information mobilising the community and youths involved in commercial sex to seek these services. Once a quarter Uganda Youth Development Link
SRHR life skills training for 20 youth clubs at each religious institution; Youths subscribing to youth clubs formed at the religious institutions 400 youths received life skills training Every month 20 religious institutions, Uganda Youth Development Link
Feedback meetings on progress of SRHR interventions All youths in six targeted parishes in Nakawa and Makindye 4 feedback meetings held Once every year Uganda Youth Development Link
Safe male circumcision Males aged 13–25 years 498 boys circumcised Conducted Feb–Apr 2016 Uganda Youth Development Link, KCCA health centres, World Vision Uganda
Child protection Linkage meetings between formal and informal child protection structures All child protection structures (police, child protection committees, judiciary, probation, school teachers, parents/caretakers) 12 meetings Once every quarter World Vision Uganda, KCCA
Dialogue meetings All community members in the 6 F 72 dialogue meetings Every quarter World Vision Uganda, Probation office
Inter-talent events for schools, child rights club activities 10 primary schools 1 talent event Once 10 primary schools, World Vision Uganda
Refresher training for Child Protection Committees (CPCs) on record keeping CPCs and teachers 120 CPCs and 20 teachers oriented on record keeping in 2016 Once World Vision Uganda, KCCA
Psychosocial support training Child protection committees and teachers 1 training session conducted Once World Vision Uganda
Community gatherings to address child protection issues All community members 48 gatherings conducted Once a quarter World Vision Uganda
Case management by formal and informal structures CPCs and households with child protection issues 368 cases handled Ongoing case by case KCCA, police, World Vision Uganda
Monitor informal child protection structures to ensure that they are functioning Child protection committees 2 monitoring and support visits done 2 times a year World Vision Uganda, KCCA, police
Civic engagement      
  Selected youth groups supported to continuously assess the different service delivery in different public institutions Youths aged 16–25 years in Civic Voice and Action working team 25 youths in working teams supported to monitor service delivery Every month Uganda Youth Network, KCCA, World Vision Uganda
High-level dialogue engagements with KCCA to develop divisional and joint advocacy plans KCCA technical and political teams 2 high level dialogue engagements with 506 young people held Once in 2016 and 2017 Uganda Youth Network, KCCA, World Vision Uganda
Community dialogues between youths and community leaders to discuss issues affecting youth Youth and community members 38 dialogues Every month Uganda Youth Network, KCCA,
Support the CVA groups to hold 8 community gatherings for improved service delivery Community members 8 gatherings Bi annual Uganda Youth Network, Youth CBOs
Disability Advocate for people with disability Young people (0–18) with disability 75 given wheelchairs One-off activity World Vision Uganda, KCCA
Existing policy and law enforcement Raise community awareness of available laws on risky social behaviours Entertainment centres, community members, local leaders 12 meetings held Quarterly for 3 years KCCA, Uganda Youth Network, Uganda Youth Development Link