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Table 1 Data Sources

From: COVID-19 mortality risk for older men and women

Variables Source Data
COVID-19 Deaths Johns Hopkins University the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) Coronavirus Resource Center Country level COVID-19 deaths up to May 8, 2020.
Age groups, sex, population sizes by age and sex CIA World Country-level population sizes (2020 est.) and demographic factors.
COVID-19 deaths by age and sex (AUT) (BEL) (BRA) (CAN) (CHN) (CH)
Robert Koch Institute (DEU) (ESP) (FRA) (ITA) (KOR) (NLD) (POR) (SWE) (UK) (USA)
Joint distributions for BEL, ESP, DEU, KOR, NLD, POR, UK; marginal distributions for others.