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Table 5 Multiple logistic regression with CVD risk (at risk or not at risk, measured by Wildman score) as dependent variable, and modifiable lifestyle factors as independent variables entered in the same model, to create the odds ratio (OR)

From: The importance of cardiorespiratory fitness and sleep duration in early CVD prevention: BMI, resting heart rate and questions about sleep patterns are suggested in risk assessment of young adults, 18–25 years

Lifestyle factors Exp (B) P-value Significance
CRF - VO2 max (ml/kg/min) 1.792 < 0.001 ***
Sleep in hours per night 1.617 0.014 *
MVPA (min/day) 1.472 0.112 NS
Food habits (points) 1.351 0.133 NS
Handgrip strength (kg) 1.074 0.719 NS
  1. CRF cardiorespiratory fitness measured as estimated maximal oxygen uptake, VO2 max and MVPA moderate- and vigorous intensity physical activity
  2. Levels of significance were set to P < 0.05 = *, P < 0.01 = ** or P < 0.001 = *** and NS, not significant