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Table 3 Intervention/study location and duration of intervention

From: Psychosocial support interventions for improved adherence and retention in ART care for young people living with HIV (10–24 years): a scoping review

Article Country (location) Duration of intervention
Wohl et al. [30] USA (Los Angeles) 2 years
Davila et al. [28] USA (Texas) Decentralised era: 2 years
Centralised area: 3 years
Enhanced youth services: 10 years
Ruria et al. [29] Kenya (Homa Bay) 6 months
Graves et al. [32] Uganda 6 months
Bhana et al. [27] South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal) 3 months
Willis et al. [31] Zimbabwe (Gokwe south district) 12 months