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Table 4 Themes and Subthemes of Women’s Awareness of CC and CCS

From: The role of knowledge, risk perceptions, and cues to action among Iranian women concerning cervical cancer and screening: a qualitative exploration

Theme Sub-theme
Implicit knowledge about CC and CCS Lack of explicit knowledge on CC
Limited knowledge about signs and symptoms of CC
Lack of specific knowledge on CC testing, its frequency and timing
Deficit in knowledge about risk factors and causes of CC
Appropriate knowledge on conditions/ requirements for CC testing
Limited and unspecified knowledge on preventive measures, care and treatment concerning CC
Inaccurate perceived risk of CC and CCS Low perceived susceptibility to CC due to misconceptions
Aggravated severity due to social and cultural misperceptions
Lack of perceived cues to action regarding CC External cues:
◦Limited interpersonal and public communications about CC due to cultural considerations
◦HCP advice as powerful external prompt
Lack of internal cues:
◦Socially imposed self-deprioritization, lack of symptoms and misinterpretation of symptoms