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Table 1 Four Dimension Criteria to Assess the Rigor of this Qualitative Study

From: The role of knowledge, risk perceptions, and cues to action among Iranian women concerning cervical cancer and screening: a qualitative exploration

Rigor Criteria Strategies applied in our study
Credibility • 17 interviews, 60 min each, January to May 2015 (five months)
• Interview protocol, tested in two pilot interviews
• Skillful researchers for interview and data analysis
• Two moderators for each interview, one as interviewer and one as note-taker
• Immediate debriefing after interviews
• Double checking transcribed interviews notes taken by both researchers
Dependability • Prepared study protocol and briefing before interviews
• Track record of interviews and detailed information related
• Coding accuracy and inter coders’ reliability testing (Kappa agreement testing)
• Using software (NVIVO10) for analysis
Confirmability • Immediate descriptive review of transcripts to identify diversities and similarities of data
Transferability • Sampling based on Urban HEART results for classifying districts and selecting interviewees from all socio-economic classes
• Examining repeated coding after each interview and not arisen new nodes and additional subthemes in the final analysis