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Table 2 Aim 2 outcomes

From: The South African National HIV Pregnancy Cohort: evaluating continuity of care among women living with HIV

Outcomes Specific indicators Study Aim
Effect of expanded ART access policies on clinical outcomes Aim 1 continuity of care and viremia outcomes stratified by policy time period:
Single-dose nevirapine (sdNVP, 2002)
Option A (2008)
CD4+ threshold raised from 200 to 350 for pregnant women (2010)
Option B (2013)
Option B+ (January 2015)
Treat all (universal ART, 2016)
Aim 2a
Mobility Proportion of women continuously in care at ANC and one clinic (no switching) Aim 2b
Median number of facility switches per woman Aim 2b
Factors associated with facility switching Aim 2b
Spatial distribution of facility switches Aim 2b
Impact of mobility (mobility as exposure) Viremic episodes associated facility switching Aim 2b
Among WLWH on ART prior to pregnancy, impact of clinic switching on postpartum continuity of care compared to those who did not switch Aim 2b