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Table 4 Values of sensitivity and specificity of the Body Shape Scale to identify body weight self-satisfaction, normal body self-assessment, importance of appearance and modern aesthetic criteria in the overall sample

From: Development and validation of the body shape scale (BOSHAS) for assessing body shape perception in African populations

  Sensitivity Specificity
Body weight self-satisfaction
 Self-satisfaction 70% 71%
Normal body
 Normal CBS 70% 52%
 Self-satisfaction 72% 53%
Importance of appearance
 Modern DBS 59% 55%
 Modern IBS 54% 54%
 Self-dissatisfaction 52% 54%
Modern aesthetic criteria
 Modern DBS 63% 53%
 Modern IBS 63% 54%
 Self-dissatisfaction 58% 54%
  1. CBS Current Body Shape, DBS Desired Body Shape, IBS Ideal Body Shape