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Table 1 Topic headings for the interview guides and a summary of the vignette

From: Exploring attitudes of adolescents and caregivers towards community-based delivery of the HPV vaccine: a qualitative study

Topic Area
Processes by which healthcare decisions are made in the family
Competing demands that can interfere with healthcare
Sentiment towards vaccination in general
Perception of HPV vaccination
Reasons for not initiating vaccination, including any relevant interactions with providers
Perception of healthcare delivery in alternative settings
Feedback on community-based delivery strategies as a response to the vignette
Vignette summary
The vignette centered around Ana and Diego, 11-year-old twins from the town in which the discussion was conducted. They have heard about the HPV vaccine in the past, but their mother was concerned it could be harmful and one of the twins was worried about the needle. Today, while with their mother at a health fair in the park, they saw a brief video about the HPV vaccine and liked what they learned, especially that the vaccine can prevent cancer. Now they can get the first shot at the health fair.