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Table 2 Ideas for interventions taken to the York workshop with independent and jointly agreed rankings

From: Identifying interventions with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers to promote immunisation uptake: methodological approach and findings

Ideas for Intervention English Gypsies’ rankings Service Providers’ rankingsa Jointly agreed rankings
Promoting awareness and understanding of immunisation
 Good information from non-NHS sources e.g. magazines, social media 9 =1  
 Insert into Red Book that is clear and simple, designed by GRTs 10   
 Appropriately designed leaflets and verbal personalised information from trusted Health Professional in GP practice 7 =1 =4
 Appropriately designed leaflets and verbal personalised information from trusted Health Professional at home =3 =1 =4
 Training for Health Professionals to identify those most concerned about immunisations to discuss their fears and concerns =4   
Developing trust and respect
 Cultural Competence Training for Health Professionals, Frontline Staff and other Service Providers who work with GRTs =4 =1 3
 Named person in GP practice who is trusted by the community for frontline service at reception desk and link to Health Professionals =3 =1  
Improving immunisation services
 Multi-sectorial working led by Health Professionals to raise understanding of cultural issues among professionals in all sectors 5 =1  
 Flexible and diverse approach to booking appointments, recall and reminder systems 8 =1  
 Flexible delivery of immunisation services to meet specific needs of most socially excluded GRTs, e.g. drop-in clinics, outreach   =1  
 Protect funding of specialist roles, e.g. Health Visitor post dedicated to GRT communities =3 =1 1
 Improve joined up working and planning between diverse organisations involved in commissioning and delivery of immunisation services    5
 Representation from GRT community at meetings of local Immunisation committees 2   
 Identify GRTs in health records to record immunisation uptake and tailor support 1 =1 2
 Improve system of temporary registration at GP practices 6   
  1. Note. Independent rankings were based on perceived impact. 1 = greatest impact. Jointly agreed rankings were based on perceived impact, acceptability and feasibility. aService Providers ran out of time, agreeing 10 key interventions but not ranking them so all recorded as =1