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Table 1 Example from an intervention mapping matrix (Bristol English Gypsy/Irish Traveller community)

From: Identifying interventions with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers to promote immunisation uptake: methodological approach and findings

Barrier Concerns about specific vaccines:
Whooping cough - fear of brain damage in child, view that pregnancy should be natural
HPV – belief that girls don’t need it as don’t have sex until married, so vaccine is seen as inappropriate and offensive
Low levels of literacy:
meaning that information about immunisations is difficult to understand
Objective to address barrier Develop good understanding of specific vaccines amongst GRTs whilst mindful of culturally-based concerns Develop good understanding of immunisations amongst GRTs
Target: Community
Primary Care
Primary Care
SEM level Intrapersonal
Ideas for Intervention Verbal explanation from a health professionala
Community Championsa
Social media with accurate messagesa
Work with school nurses to change the way the HPV jab is presented to adolescent girls i.e. about cancer and when it is important to have itb
Cultural competence training; Work with targeted groups e.g. pregnant women, fathers, adolescent girlsc
Support adolescent girls to speak with their eldersc
Involve the community in developing culturally relevant informationc
Explain things clearly and where information is written keep it simple using picturesa,b
Involve the community in developing accessible informationc
Improve access/retention at schoolc
  1. Note. aIdea from GRTs, bIdea from Service Providers, cIdea from Research Team and Advisory Group