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Table 1 Twelve questions used to elicit friendship networks, followed by one question used to elicit sexual network. Respondents were asked to name first name and last initial or street name, and then asked later for other information for each including age, gender, relationship, trust, geographical proximity, frequency of contact, educational attainment, employment status, drug use, and connections between contacts. Every person named was followed by “Is there anyone else who you can think of?”

From: Giving syphilis and gonorrhea to friends: using in-person friendship networks to find additional cases of gonorrhea and syphilis

1. If you needed to go to the doctor, is there anyone you could call to take you there?
2. If you needed money to go to the doctor is there anyone you could ask to loan you or give you the money?
3. If you had to go to the hospital, who do you think would come to visit you while you were there?
4. If you were concerned that you might have a health problem is there someone you could talk to about it?
5. Is there anybody who you could ask for advice or help about health problems like: infections, gonorrhea, birth control, or AIDS?
6. In the past 6 months: whom did you regularly eat meals with?
7. With whom did you share the same house, apartment or rooms?
8. Is there anybody that you could get together with to have fun, to relax, or to hang out with? These could be new names or ones you listed before.
9. (Asked only to alcohol drinkers) Who are the people that you drink with? These could be new names or ones you listed before.
10. If you needed to borrow $25 or something valuable, is there anybody you know who would lend or give you $25, or more, or something that was valuable?
11. If you wanted to talk to someone about things that are very personal and private or if a situation came up where you needed some advice, is there anybody you could you talk to?
12. Is there anybody who would give up some of their time and energy to help you – things like going with you someplace you needed to go, helping you do some work around the house, going to the store for you, and things like that? Remember that you might have listed these people before or they could be new names.
13. Of the people that you listed so far who did you have sex with in the last 6 months? Did you have sex with anyone else in the last 6 months? If yes, who?