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Table 1 Research question and inclusion & exclusion criteria using the PEO(S) framework [23]

From: Does socioeconomic position affect knowledge of the risk factors and warning signs of stroke in the WHO European region? A systematic literature review

PEO(S) components Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population • Adult humans (aged 18 years and over)
• Countries in the WHO European region [26] (Table 2)
• Children only
• Individuals who have had a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA)
• Family members / caregivers of stroke patients
• Countries outside the WHO European region [26] (Table 2)
Exposure of Interest • Socioeconomic position (education, income and/or occupation-derived measures) • Studies not analysing at least one aspect of socioeconomic position
Outcome Stroke knowledge:
• Risk factors
• Warning signs
• Stroke knowledge following an intervention (if no baseline data)
• Studies on stroke knowledge but not broken down by warning signs and/or risk factors
Study Designs • Cross-sectional studies
• Cohort studies
• Baseline data of intervention studies (e.g. RCTs, pre-post studies)
• Case studies
• Editorials
• Qualitative research
• Systematic reviews