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Table 3 Example of coding for themes using a categorization matrix in the main study

From: Consumer perception of food variety in the UK: an exploratory mixed-methods analysis

Meaning unit Summarized meaning unit Codes Predefined category of variety Theme
“162 and 215 contains chocolate, although 162 contains a wide variety, while 215 contains mainly one brand.” (P9) Variety of brands available Differences in brand/ product availability Brand variety Spontaneously referring to variety
“I’d prefer to eat savoury food first and then sweet food. The savoury meal I chose looked the most appealing and the sweet food I [chose] looked the best.” (P37) Preference for having savoury then sweet across meals Preference for variety across meals Across-meal variety Justifying food choices with reference to variety
“435 it has a lot more going on lots of colors and textures which seems like it would be more filling” (P100) Food more filling with more textures/colours Variety in a food influences expected fullness Variety within a food Justifying food expectations with reference to variety
“I would define ‘food variety’ as a mixture of food groups; so having a balanced amount of each individual food [group] (e.g. carbohydrates, fats, dairy and vegetables etc.) but also different types of food within each food group; for example, take carbohydrates, not just eating bread but also pasta, rice and potatoes etc.” (P47) ‘Food variety’ is having a balanced diet of foods belonging to different food groups Defining variety across the diet Dietary variety Defining variety