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Table 2 The distribution of respondent’s exposure to mass media

From: Effect of mass media on comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS and its spatial distribution among reproductive-age women in Ethiopia: a spatial and multilevel analysis

Variables Frequency (%)
Frequency of listening radio
 Not at all 10,485 (66.9)
 Less than once a week 2617 (16.7)
 At least once a week 2581 (16.4)
Frequency of watching television
 Not at all 11,294 (72.0)
 Less than once a week 1904 (12.1)
 At least once a week 2485 (15.9)
Frequency of reading newspaper/ magazines
 Not at all 13,548 (86.4)
 Less than once a week 1516 (9.7)
 At least once a week 619 (3.9)