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Table 1 The tool used to assess IPV in the 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey

From: The mediation effect of contraceptive use and women’s autonomy on the relationship between intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy in Ethiopia

IPV type Question/itema
Physical IPV Push you, shake you, or throw something at you?
Slap you?
Twist your arm or pull your hair?
Punch you with his/her fist or with something that could hurt you?
Kick you, drag you, or beat you up?
Try to choke you or burn you on purpose?
Threaten or attack you with a knife, gun, or any other weapon?
Sexual IPV Physically force you to have sexual intercourse with him even when you did not want to?
Physically force you to perform any other sexual acts you did not want to?
Force you with threats or in any other way to perform sexual acts you did not want to?
Emotional IPV Say or do something to humiliate you in front of others?
Threaten to hurt or harm you or someone close to you?
Insult you or make you feel bad about yourself?
Partner controlling behaviour Being jealous if you talk to men?
Accusing you of being unfaithful?
Does not allow you to meet your friends?
Limits you contact with family?
Tries to know where you are at all times?
  1. IPV Intimate partner violence; athose women who were married more than once were further asked about violence committed by any other husband/partner