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Table 2 Overview of the YWHC Workshops

From: The PrEPARE Pretoria Project: protocol for a cluster-randomized factorial-design trial to prevent HIV with PrEP among adolescent girls and young women in Tshwane, South Africa

Workshop 1
• Becoming an adult woman and influences
• Sex, sexual expectations, and risk
• Our reproductive bodies (female and male anatomy)
• STIs and HIV
• Ways to reduce risk
• Male and female condoms
• Ways of communicating, negotiating, and problem-solving
• PrEP
• Birth control
• Action plan (complete Workshop 1 goals and steps in workshop booklet)
Workshop 2
• Inequality and gender power
• Becoming strong women and concern for how boyfriends treat you
• Abuse and violence
• Safety tips for going out
• Alcohol and drug use
• Parenting
• The importance of education and goals
• Social support, especially taking PrEP
• Action plan (complete Workshop 2 goals and steps in workshop booklet)