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Table 1 Overview of the S&D Reduction Training

From: The PrEPARE Pretoria Project: protocol for a cluster-randomized factorial-design trial to prevent HIV with PrEP among adolescent girls and young women in Tshwane, South Africa

Workshop 1
 1 Opening activities (warmup games, songs, energizers)
 2 Naming stigma through pictures
 3 Our experience as the stigmatizer and the stigmatized
 4 Confidentiality and stigma
Workshop 2
 1 Breaking the sex ice
 2 Fears about prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to adolescent girls and young women
Workshop 3
 1 Panel discussion with adolescent girls and young women
 2 Challenge the stigma—and be the change!
 3 The blame game: Things people say
 4 Stigma-free services for adolescents and young people
 5 Writing a code of practice and action plan