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Table 1 Overview of A&T activities

From: Can complex programs be sustained? A mixed methods sustainability evaluation of a national infant and young child feeding program in Bangladesh and Vietnam

Intervention component Bangladesh Vietnam
Interpersonal counseling IYCF counseling provided at household level by BRAC health workers (community-based volunteers: Shasthya Shebikas [SS] and Pushti Shebikas [PS]; and health workers: Shasthya Kormis [SK] and Pushti Kormis [PK]) Group and individual IYCF counseling at franchise locations within government health system, called Mặt Trời Bé Thơ (MTBT, “Little Sun”); IYCF community support groups (in remote locations)
Mass media IYCF television ads, radio programs, community dialogue, quiz shows IYCF television ads, signs, loudspeaker announcements, website and mobile phone app
Community mobilization BRAC managers led meetings with local stakeholders; village theater shows on IYCF Village health workers made household visits to invite families to counseling sessions
Policy advocacy National IYCF Alliance established; workshops with technical stakeholders to disseminate IYCF data; engagement with journalists National Nutrition Strategy and IYCF Action Plan established; technical support to strengthen national laws/codes
Partnerships & alliances
Strategic use of data
  1. IYCF: Infant and young child feeding
  2. MTBT: Mặt Trời Bé Thơ (“Little Sun”)
  3. SS: Shasthya Shebika
  4. PS: Pushti Shebika
  5. SK: Shasthya Kormi
  6. PK: Pushti Kormi